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Tacoma Sewer


Tacoma Sewer Repair Specialists 

Acqua Plumbing have been servicing the Tacoma area since 1996. Our Specialties, and most common repairs we make as a company in the Tacoma, WA area is sewer line cleaning and sewer repair services.

We put affordable pricing, delivering excellence with all our work, lifetime warranties, and easy scheduling to fit into your busy work day.

Acqua Plumbing is educated in all solutions and has implemented all types of repairs in residential and commercial drains, septic and sewer line systems. No sewer line or septic is an issue for the smart Plumbers!

Plumbing or sewer line issues? You should call the plumber with the most education and experience in the field, that will deliver the best results, and be the most affordable contractor thinking about you the customer. We can be your Plumbing and Sewer Contractor the Smart Plumber-Acqua Plumbing

Acqua Plumbing currently calls the Tacoma area  home. Our certified sewer and sewer pipe lining experts are dispatched immediately to resolve your sewer related issues.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing & Sewer Repair in Tacoma


Your home or place of business should have well designed and clear sewer pipes, & lines.

sewer-repair-sewers-tacoma-waAll Waste  from your home or place of business in Tacoma flows from these lines to the septic tank or Sewer Main to be treated.

Clogged sewers and drains pipes when obstructed  can cause unsanitary backups into your home or place of business. Not only now do you have a plumbing issue but also a water damage issue.

Besides wastewater, your sewer handles various such items like grease, food waste, hair, medication, chemicals, toys, etc, that may constrict your drain lines and cause blockages.

Mother nature may also create problems for your sewer lines with tree roots trying to get inside the sewer lines for water, and cause massive growth that can block up the lines.

Your aging system if you have an older home with prolonged use causes  general wear & tear on your sewer lines. Simple corrosion, time, and less then adequate material on your sewer line will cause separations, breaks, and cracks in the sewer lines.

Due to all of these problems, sewers, toilets, and drains need cleaning, repair and replacement services from experts.

A-C-Q-U-A, The Smart Plumber Is On The Way!!!

City of Tacoma calls on Acqua Plumbing 24/7 for quality sewer repair and Sewer Cleaning services.


Main Sewer Line Cleaning in Tacoma with Acqua Plumbing

·    Sewer repair and Cleaning 
·    Certified Perma-Liner system installer
·    Commercial & Residential Repairs
·    Repair and cleaning of toilets and drains
·    Septic system repair & Septic line cleaning 
·    Downspouts, and Footing drain Clearing
·    Whole home and building remodels
·    Water service line installation and repair (All types)
·    Replacement of Sewage & Sump pump system


Tacoma's Sewers need The Smart Plumber


Tacoma Sewer Repair

Acqua Plumbing is Family owned, licensed, bonded and insured.

When you have problems with sewers, call a Tacoma Sewer Repair Company you can trust.

A-C-Q-U-A, The Smart Plumber Is On The Way!!!

Contact Tacoma’s #1 and Trusted Sewer Repair Company!!!

Acqua Plumbing performed sewer liner installation and in the video is our post sewer liner inspections. Location is 1417 N Fife St, Tacoma.





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