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We here at Acqua Plumbing are licensed through out all of western Washington to provide the best service available for all commerical and residential drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, and any and all types of repairs and or clogs. Have one of our friendly drain cleaning specialist become your trusted plumber. We are reliable, affordable and family owned and operated since our creation, offer fast first response same day drain, toilet, and sewer cleaning services in all areas of Tacoma, Bellevue, Seattle, and Everett Metropolitan Areas, as well as the rural areas of Western Washington and the Puget sound.

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Upfront Pricing

  • Toilet Clogs -$99.00
  • Bathtub clogs -$99.00
  • Lavatory sink clogs -$99.00
  • Kitchen Sink clogs -$129.00
  • Sewer line snaking -$395.00
  • Sewer line Hydro jetting -$495.00
  • Interior Main Line Snaking -$395.00
  • Kitchen sink clog with bio-treatment -$199.00
  • Sewer line containing mush pack removal -$585.00
  • Commercial Hydro Jetting for Grease removal -$685.00
  • Kitchen clogs with Garbage disposal/ Dishwasher -$149.00
  • Main line de-rooting with Eco Friendly bio treatment -$559.00
*** Grease Traps or Interceptors call for details***
**All prices are based on a hourly service rate excluding tax & parts**
**** All Drain Cleaning/Clearings are through accessible clean-out only****

**Example here of an accessible clean-out**


For those deep overflowing clogs, these clogs are the most troublesome. They are not in your P or S-Traps but deeper inside your sewer, and drain lines. These can be caused by root clogs, mush pack clogs, and more. Simple drain cleaning measure most times will not penetrate these types of clogs, which could be caused by numerous situations. Drain Cleaning should be a method, but doing the simple toilet auger or hand snake first. If then the clog cannot be penetrated then a sewer camera should be used to locate the clog. With this sewer inspection you can see what the clog is and how far away it maybe.

For these deep clogs and require better drain cleaning methods, the drain cleaning solution should be Hydro jetting. Our hydro jetting services go along with our drain cleaning services. If you own a business or restaurant that may have grease in your drain lines, then our Hydro Jetting drain cleaning service is the option to go with. Drain Clogs can be a nuisance, and become messy. They can also keep coming back, and other plumbers sometimes will not like to mention that they would come back to keep getting our business.

Acqua Plumbing likes to show you via our sewer camera inspection if these type of clogs do return to give you the customer the correct solution, to help stop this from happening. View some of our services that may help.

At Acqua Plumbing we are the "Smart Plumbers" and our licensed Plumbers know how to unclog your drains. If your bathroom tub/shower or sink is retaining water or your laundry tub has some kind of water and gunk of some kind in them you may have a clog drain. Along with a clogged drain your sewer or septic lines may be backed up with all kinds of material or roots. Acqua Plumbing has high-tech tools designed specifically for clearing deep clogged drains, clogged plumbing vents and clogged pipes. The Northwest drain cleaning specialists at Acqua will help you get your plumbing problem under control.

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