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Where does it go? Is it ok to Flush?

July 27, 2012

Do you ever wonder what happens to items that get flushed down your drain? The line does not end with just the toilet, not even the drain. All the items everyone flushes must go somewhere, but where? Everything that is flushed down the drains is conveyed with the waste water, such things as baby wipes, ear swabs, etc. All these things and more drain down to the local treatment facility, before being safely distributed into the environment.  Your toilet is not a dumpster, everything cannot be just sent down the toilet.  

These items should never be flushed down the toilet, nor should be near a toilet.

  • Combustible solvents & Chemicals
  • Drugs/ Pharmaceutical
  • Tampons and other lady products
  • FOGS (Fats, Oils, Greases)
  • Antifreeze and other dangerous Chemicals
  • Needles, razors, shampoos
  • Diaper Wipes
  • Poisons and Pesticides 
These items should be avoided in your sewer and garbage disposal:
  • Large substances that may clog your drain lines/branch lines
  • Large amounts of food

A shining example of what grease can do to your old aging pipe system.

 You may think food is safe in your garbage disposal because of the word garbage, but actually your garbage disposal should have relatively no food in it at all. A garbage disposal is a big misconception, people put food down there drain everyday and larger amounts all the time. This food does not always make it down the drain. Your drain will slowly begin to clog, with every little bit of food you put down that drain. You may not notice your slow drain clog, you will just see your drain slowing, a little bit everyday.  Food will get caught up in your drain lines, needing attention. Luckily Acqua Plumbing is here to help with low cost to you. For just a simple drain clog in your kitchen we charge only $99+TAX. Other company may charge you an arm and a leg for just a simple kitchen drain clog. 


We have just talked about what you put down the drain, but what about the things that try to enter your drain?

Do you ever think that you lovely bushes that you trim everyday might slowly be clogging your drain? The fact is that many unseen clogs in you drains, from all areas in Seattle-Tacoma and around the world, can be caused by the roots of your everyday plants. These plant may have been there before your home or you have even been there. Roots from large trees to smaller plants you will never see. There is no difference to them from sewer water to fresh water. Plants roots will attack your system to get the water the source of life no matter what if it is the closes source. Roots will cause backups. The roots will catch anything from toilet paper to tampons and so on. Eventually there will be a huge what we call mush pack inside the sewer lines with little to no room for water and toilet paper to travel down the line to the treatment facility.  Take a look here how roots can be in your sewer lines.

This is not a rare occurrence. This is a very common problem that happens to your sewer line an these will vary at times but they can be this bad. Lets take a look here as well

Common? Yes. Acqua Plumbing is the Affordable solution to these problems with preventative routine maintenance services available, which includes home and sewer inspections, hydro jetting, and much much more. Call us for all your service needs and thanks for visiting us here at Acqua Plumbing. "From the Faucet to the Street our Knowledge Can't Be Beat!" Acqua Plumbing Seattle-Tacoma Smart Plumber and #1 Sewer and Plumbing repair company. 253-353-4602

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