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7 Things you Should not put down your Drain. Seattle-Tacoma area

August 25, 2012

              7 Things you should not
                put down your  drain.

What most of the community does not realize is that some of the most serious of drain and sewer clogs that are caused in the home are from the homeowners or renters themselves. There has been a study in 2002 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collected and analyzed water samples from roughly 139 streams in 30 different states. The purpose of this study was to measure the concentrations of 95 wastewater organic checmicals in the water. What to take a guess at what they found?

They found that one or more of these chemicals were found in 80% of the streams sampled. About 1/3 of the streams contained 10+ of these chemicals, and over 1/2 of the streams contained 7+ of these chemicals. Its kind of a hard thing to realize that everything you put down the drain goes back to the streams and waters of our world. This is why it is so important to know what you are putting down your drain can and will not only cause a major clog in your drain but harm the environment as well. Let's start here with a 7 of the things you should not put down the drain. 

  • Oils- Now oils doesn't just stop at cooking oils such as corn or vegetables. Oils goes along with motor oils, lawnmower oils. Most of these oils and thick liquids are slow-moving and can harden inside your drain and sewer lines. This is more than enough to eventually catch other materials in your drain and cause a minor or even major clog, that even can back-up into your home.
  • Fats & Foods- Much of the kitchen material that is put down the sink is fats. Fats such as meat fats, the trimmings off the beef or chicken. Eggshells, chunks of foods, string like foods such as pasta or garbage, and a garbage disposal is not meant to eat at the foods but make them smaller pieces. Then other fats such as Lard, all of these things will clog up and act as grease inside our sewer and drain lines, and can catch the oils and other such things and leave nasty odors behind. These are harmful not to just your drain but especially inside septic systems.
  • Objects- Small and big alike, children and even adults are capable of intentionally or by accident may drop or put a small or big item down their drain, toilet or sink. Acqua Plumbing ourselves have seen rings, earrings, phones, potatoes, toys and much much more down drains, toilets, and sewer lines. We offer Video inspection to help in the possible retrieval of these items. You can just image a toy going down you toilet an causing a clog in your toilet, but what if it passes down into you main line. Then can catch the fats, oils, and toilet paper and causing a massive home backup.
  • Pharmaceutical- These are meant for the human body and that only. When other put there remaining pills, and such down the drain they then dissolve into the water and is very hard for the waster water department to exact. These are harm to the environment and if they don't dissolve then they too can catch on the objects, fats, and oils that make in down your drain. These are especially harm to septic tanks and systems.
  • Hazardous Chemicals- Hazardous chemicals are item.that are how they sound. The motor oils, cat litter, transmission fluids, anti-freeze, paints, and not only this but corrosive substances. These can eat away at your drain and sewer lines causing cracks or leaks. They are not meant to be put down the drain and the piping materials are not meant to handle anti-freezes, and corrosive substances.
  • Dairy Products- Dairy products are an accumelative of the Fats, foods, and oils. Products like ice creams, milk, and yogurts. These can catch on a smaller clog and will age. Have you ever seen expired milk? This can happen in a clog and just make the mess bigger.
  • Personal Care Products- These can nail polishes, tampons, pads, condoms. These are solvents, objects, and things that just don't break down in you sewer system, and are not meant for the drain, but for the trash can. Tampons, pads, and even condoms can help cause a back up into your home. 
   It is horrible when products and items that can be dealt with elsewhere than the toilet and cost so little, can cause a break or backup in your sewer and drain lines that may even cost hundreds to fix. Make sure you know what is going down your drain and not just for the environment, or the future of our little ones, but for your wallet as well.

Image brought to you by others.
Yes, and sewer back up such as this can happen to you. This image indeed shows you real sewage inside someones bathtub. This is a very real and very nasty and horrible thought but it can easily happen to you. Taken care of your home, sewer, drain lines, and plumbing is so important. Don't let this kind of situation happen to you.

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