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Plumbing Fixtures | Low-Flow toilets- All Hype

June 10, 2013

Plumbing Fixtures | Low-Flow toilets- All Hype

Plumbing Fixtures | Low-Flow toilets- All Hype

Plumbing Seattle-Tacoma

Don't believe all the Hype and Comments on the Low-Flow toilets. The other competitors out there may try and make you think low flow is the best, but not Acqua Plumbing. Don't believe us? Take a look at this article here by This is coming for a great and knowledgeable source. IF you have a low flow toilet better make sure you own a PLUNGER!!! 

Take a Great look here

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Take a look at the designs for the new low flush toilets. To the untrained eye they look just a bit smaller then the older, more gallons per minute model. The drain on the bowl must be of an adequate size otherwise the fecal matter will cause a clog in the toilet itself. The new low flow models are great for saving water, IF the drain inside the toilet (Or the Throat or outlet as we may call if) needs to be of a large enough diameter to adequately siphon the water, and matter out.


We have here some basics to try before calling a plumber brought to you by TOTO.USA

Our diagram of the toilet shows how the toilet works. The designs of the old and the new are initially the same concept, with a few differences being the sizes of the tank, and drain outlet. With all of the new low-flush toilets a plunger is necessary., but if you find the right models such as some models offered but TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard. These brands and the specific models will deliver the same water conversation with the exception of a great siphon as well.

Hype or not don't let the masses fool you into thinking all toilets are built alike. Just like us (people) the types and models do not deliver the same outcome. Unless you had made good friends with your plunger, please research the toilet you are having installed, or purchasing if you are getting a low flow check the model type and specifications and do not believe all the hype. Call us for help with you toilet installations and toilet clogs.

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