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Plumbers' to Protect the Health and Welfare of The Community

August 14, 2012


Your Sewer line and your traps

Your fixture traps are an essential part if not maybe the most important part of your sewer system. Your sewer does not just begin outside your home by includes the drains in your home that extend/ connect to sewer line system. The traps in your drain holds all the vermin and sewer gases inside the drain. Without proper venting and trap seal the health of your family is a concern. The methane gases or small vermin may enter in your system through the trap, broken pipes, and so on if your system is not in working order. There different ways if needed to vent your plumbing system, such as wet venting. 

Vertical wet venting is the grouping of the trap arms from a plumbing fixture on one vertical line will serve as a vent for all the trap arms as well as serving as a drain for some. Trap arms connecting to a wet vent section are limited to a fixture with one and two drainage fixture unit ratings. With this type of venting there SHOULD BE NO LOSS OF TRAPS SEAL FROM BACK PRESSURE OR SIPHONAGE. 

Every part of your sewer system, plumbing system, and drainage system should be in proper working order, and as there are many parts to the system finding out problems to your system is hard for the un-trained EYE. Acqua Plumbing the Smart Plumber of Washington is here to inform you just as we have on wet venting, and other sewer repair needs, plumbing repair problems. We continual will inform you on our website, facebook, and twitter. No other plumbers in Seattle are as skilled Sewer Contractors, Sewer Repair specialist, And Trenchless Specialist then us. When you are looking for a Smart, reliable, trustworthy, family owned & operated Sewer Repair Contractor, Plumbing & Sewer Specialist.  

Let's take a look here. Hmm.... Would you say your family is safe from silent gases that are potentially fatal to your family? Looks ok right? Wrong this trap may look clean, or well put together for others but in fact it is wrong it should look something like this

This is a bit more accurate. . Notice how Both Drains have a P-Trap and then drain out into the wall.
This would keep those nasty gases from harming your family. What most Ppl Don't know is that The plumber is a profession that is to protect the help keep the health and welfare of the family through the proper drainage and keeping nasty gases and vermin from entering your home.

Acqua Plumbing, here to protect, and service the community of Seattle-Tacoma with affordable and knowledgeable Sewer Repair, and Plumbing repair Services.

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