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About Acqua Plumbing | Certified Specialists of Plumbing, Sewers, and Septic system

                                Here at  Acqua Plumbing we are certified Plumbers and installers of plumbing, sewers, and heating systems. We care about our customers and will give the best diagnose for plumbing problems and solutions. We are a family owned and operated Plumbing, Sewer, and drain cleaning company, with over 5 generations of plumbers in the family from our owner Fred Bevilacqua down to his sons, Michael & Anthony. We have over 20+ year of experience in the Plumbing and sewer repair fields. To go the extra mile our owner, Fred Bevilacqua is not only involved in the day to day activities at Acqua Plumbing, but he is also the field supervisor and is on-site on every single job, and surely if you have a big project, Fred will be there. Unlike other company owners Fred and us here pride ourselves in our company's owner being so passionately involved, and it helps show great support for our service crew. 

 Our Employees take routine code update classes from our in-house certified continuing education plumbing instructor. Our knowledgeable technicians have an array of skills in all areas of plumbing. We have been family owned and operated since our creation and being part of the community we understand the its problems and love to be involved and help make this a better places for families everywhere. Our moto is " We fit it right the first time or it's Free!". Backed by our customer Satisfaction Guarantee, we are always here to help. Remember Acqua, A C Q U A, not Aqua plumbing. A C Q U A 24 hours a day!!

Plumbing shop in Tacoma

Acqua Plumbing has a fully stock plumbing shop and warehouse located in the Tacoma area. We are full stocked with every type of sewer piping, water piping, DWV piping, and all of there fittings. Our shop carriers all types of plumbing and sewer materials best to serve you our customers.

Knowing Acqua Plumbing is on your job, and on your side you can be assured  you're in good hands. Our Technicians receive constant in the field and in-house training by our in-house certified L&I Plumbing Instructor, teaching the highest level of quality care, Plumbing, and Sewer services for you our customer.  Our Expert technicians are highly trained in all areas of plumbing, plumbing repairs,  drainage, and sewer, and emergency plumbing, with Fast, Affordable, and Friendly Service. Acqua Plumbing not only trains its Technicians but our office staff is continues its training with all the new social networking, customer service, and communication technologies.  All your Plumbing , and sewer repairs are done to the UPC Code and WA state regulations.


Fred Bevilacqua's photo

Fred Bevilacqua  (Continuing Education Instructor/ Iapmo Inspector/ Lic. Wa.St Plumber/ Licensed Sewer Installer & Septic Certified) 

Anthony (Tony) Bevilacqua 
  (Certified O&M Specialist/ Lic. WA.St. Apprentice/ Educated in Electrical Panels-WOSSA/ Confined Space Certified, Business Technologies)

Michael Bevilacqua

(3 year apprentice plumber/ Liner Certified/ Confined Space and Trench Safety)

Kevin Thomas
(2 years experience as our Office Manager & Assistant Service Technician )

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