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If you are looking to find a trusted reliable, and fair plumber or plumbing company , you know you can trust the experts from the Bevilacqua family.

The Bevilacqua family through its generations have been plumbers, contractors, teachers, and sanitary engineers, almost 1000 years in the plumbing and construction trade.

We have done everything possible in plumbing trade, including warship, cruise liners, and all types of ships/water-crafts, but not limited to residential & commercial buildings, as well as many government contracts.

  • We are or have been contractors, instructors, licensed plumbers and inspectors in New York, New Jersey, The New England States, The Carolinas, Georgia, Alaska, and Washington State.
  • The Bevilacquas have worked with administrative authorities that govern plumbing code and code standards, also in the development of writing new plumbing codes and code standards.
  • We have taught plumbing in shops, trade schools, and community colleges. Are curriculum is being used in all the above places.

The Bevilacqua family goal is to educate all people in the importance of plumbing to their health and welfare of their community.

To train any person that is willing to take on the responsibility of a plumber.

In 1039 AD..... A noble man in Palermo Sicily, during the years of drought developed an aqua-duct to bring drinking water to the community. After this occasion the people called him Mr. Bevilacqua (meaning "drink water" in Italian).  Throughout the generations at least one male child of every generation has been involved in plumbing. All the way to Fred C. Bevilacqua and now his sons Anthony C. Bevilacqua, and Fredrick Michael Bevilacqua

Fred Bevilacqua the owner

Fred C. Bevilacqua (Fathe


Anthony C. Bevilacqua (Son)


Fredrick Michael Bevilacqua (Son) Youngest


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