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Problems with sewage and sump pumps can be a big problem. If not done properly you can be dealing with code violations. Many people do not even realize their sump pump is setup improperly. If you think you might have a code violation because of your sump pump make an appointment with Acqua Plumbing to find a plumber.

A sump pump malfunction can be a giant headache too. In the northwest’s wet climate a broken sump pump can quickly lead to flooding and water damage. It is best to act before you have flooding in your home. To make sure you avoid a malfunction or break of your home’s sump pump you should find a plumber to have it examined and if need be repaired or replaced.

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Sewage pumps such as this RIDGID 85967 SEP-500 1/2 HP Residential Pump image provided by google are for easy installation by any of our Service Technicians here at Acqua Plumbing.




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