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Check out our latest installment of Acqua Plumbings' Helpful hints!! We are happy to help provide our growing supportive customer base with helpful plumbing advice.


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Message from Acqua Plumbing and Puget Sound Energy

(Drain cleaning/ Sewer Lines)

 Due to cross boring that may have been caused due to inadvertent placement of gas lines through a sewer pipe, there maybe real hazards in using a root cutting snake or a snake of any kind. Acqua Plumbing offers free video inspections before and after every sewer line cleaning. With our hydro jetter their is little to no risk involved. By using our sewer camera first we are able to see what may or may not be in your sewer line before any cleaning will be done, then give you an after shot to see if all debris are clear, and if there is a gas line in your sewer line in most cases PSE will approve and pay for the repair cost!!! 

For all you DIYers here is another great video tip found by Acqua Plumbing. This video is an overview how to stop a running toilet. If you continue to have problems with your toilet or just cannot seem to get the darn thing to function properly then call your local smart plumbers here at Acqua Plumbing!

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