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Drain & Sewer Pipe Lining Tacoma-Seattle. Is your sewer line broken, eroded, or have Tree & plants roots over taken your Sewer pipe in Seattle-Tacoma? Do you have to pay contractor after contractor for Hydro jetting, and cleaning more than a handful of times a year? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you should consider going a more permanent long term solution. Yes it may initially cost more to do a long term repair but its a long term repair unlike the hydro jetting which essentially in the long term is much more expensive every time you have the contractor perform a service.

The Tree & Plant roots, as well as the corrosion/erosion over time and the aging system you think you have actually is not a sewer system at all anymore. Let's take a look at the tree roots for starters. Tree & Plant roots can grow to great distances and in size. The entire plant roots can take over you old concrete, Orangeburg, or clay sewer system.  These can deteriorate and destroy your sewer system in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

                                                            Sewer Pipe Lining-Drain clog


This is what root intrusions can do to your aging sewer line.

The video shown here is a pre-sewer pipe liner inspection for one of our customers in the Tacoma, WA metro area. After the video shown here with massive root intrusions, we install a new 4" perma-liner sewer pipe line system.

Seattle and Tacoma has become well informed on the sewer/drain pipe lining process, and all of its benefits. Sewer pipe re-lining is quickly becoming Seattle-Tacoma's preferred method of sewer pipe line repair, and sewer pipe rehabilitation. Sewer pipe lining process does not involve the destruction or your yard or landscaping as traditional sewer repair methods do. If you live in the Tacoma-Seattle area and are facing slow drainage, roots in your sewer/drain lines, or you simply have already had your sewer line video inspected and know your sewer line is broken, please call Acqua Plumbing your certified Perma-Liner Trenchless Sewer Repair, Sewer pipe lining, C.I.P.P (cured in place pipelining).


We are here to rehabilitate your aging Orangeburg, Cast-Iron, PVC, Clay or concrete sewer system. We are happy to travel  to your place of business or home for a complete and detailed site evaluation, and go over possibilities and project ideas for your sewer pipe lining. We have the latest technology in sewer pipe lining that can even line your sewer/drain pipe from inside your home. The process is very quick, sturdy, and durable with little to no invasive steps, and the process only takes a few hours.


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