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Plumbing Training | Continuing Education

Plumbing Training | Continuing Education

    Acqua Continuing Education | Acqua Plumbing offers great deals and discounts for all plumbers and apprentices alike. Giving great prices without skipping out on education is Acqua Continuing Education's way. We have classroom sessions available with great insight into the plumbing world!!!plumbing training Call 253-353-4602 for details on further your plumbing or apprenticeship fields!!! Acqua Plumbing is currently setting up classes with CEU Washington to give you the full array of Continuing Education from plumbing to electrical!! Please also visit to view all the course schedules, and more!!


Great News!! Classes are in session for a low cost of $95.00 per 8 hour session or have us mail out your packet and you simply send us it back your answers sheet, we grade it and send you back your scores and or your certificate for a low cost of $59.99.  Call 253-353-4602 to sign up or just submit us a message through our make an appointment system. Take a look at a few of the examples we have here below:

Water Source of Life: Plumbing Training

Sample Click here course ID# WA2012-306






Power and Protection:                        Plumbing Training

Sample for Course ID# WA2012-307  








New Refresher Course:  Plumbing refresher course


 Sample for Course ID# WA2013-569







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